SuperGravy® ARFredo™ 5-Day Sample

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  • SuperGravy® ARFredo™ 5-Day Sample
  • SuperGravy® ARFredo™ 5-Day Sample
  • SuperGravy® ARFredo™ 5-Day Sample
  • SuperGravy® ARFredo™ 5-Day Sample
  • SuperGravy® ARFredo™ 5-Day Sample

SuperGravy® ARFredo™ 5-Day Sample

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SuperGravy ARFredo™ Creamy White Recipe Pet Food Topper Gravy & Broth Mix is formulated from whole “Superfood” ingredients, including tangy Greek Yogurt, three Italian-style cheeses, veggies, chia, and sea kelp. And we give your dog’s tummy a healthy hug daily by adding digestive enzymes and probiotics for better digestion. It's a creamy dream come true for cheese-loving dogs! That’s bringing Joy to the Bowl.

Who is it For?

  • ALL DOGS EATING DRY FOOD will enjoy their food more and digest it better with SuperGravy®. Simple as that.
  • HELPS STOP PICKY EATING and boosts appetites impacted by Aging, Medications, Illness, Food Changes, Anxiety, or just “taste fatique.”
  • USING CANNED FOOD AS A TOPPER? SuperGravy® costs less per serving, blends better with kibble, and eliminates can waste.
  • USING FREEZE DRIED? Hydrate with SuperGravy® and water!
  • USING FROZEN? add a scoop while thawing for “Amazing Taste!”
  • DOGS LOVE BROTH! Don't wait for dinner; serve up some yummy broth as a 'tween meal hydrating boost!
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Greek yogurt powder, dried provolone cheese, chia seed, dried parmesan cheese, dried romano cheese, sea kelp, dried sweet potato, dried pumpkin, sunflower lecithin, lactase, protease, amylase, lipase (digestive enzymes), Lactobacillus acidophilus (probiotic).

Guaranteed Analysis

Crude Protein (min) 24% Crude Fat (min) 10% Crude Fiber (max) 6% Moisture (max) 12%

Calories (Calculated): 384 Kcal/100g | Approx. 16 cals. per 1.5 tsp gravy serving | Approx 21 cals. per 2 tsp broth serving (8 fl. oz. broth)

  • USE SCOOP provided (scoop=1.5 tsp/7.5 mil)
  • GRAVY: 1 scoop +1/2 cup of water (+/- to taste)
  • STIR WELL and serve; Warm water blends best
  • BROTH: 5 scoops per qt./ltr. of water.
  • SHAKE broth well before using.
  • ADD BROTH (8oz/250 ml +/-) and stir well.
  • REFRIGERATE remaining finished broth.
  • WAIT a few minutes before serving for full fusion of gravy with food

We started Clear Conscience Pet to create PURE products that you can TRUST, made with limited SIMPLE ingredients. SuperGravy® solves the problem of picky eating pets by transforming hard dry food into a delicious moist meal. It blends better and costs far less than adding lumpy canned food to kibble. And you’ll be the earth’s best friend since SuperGravy generates far less waste than cans.