Barks & Bites 2 Airy Treat Bags Combo Deal

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INHALE OUR AIRY DUO DEAL! A $20 Value, now a breath of fresh air for only 14.95!

Is our BARK better than our BITES? Only your dog can decide!

(Shh: don't tell the D-O-G that they are both PAWESOME multi award-winners, and both made from artisan roasted lamb lung infused with our deliciously nutritious SuperFood Dry Rub (SDR). The difference is that Lamb Airy BITES are yummy single nibble cubes perfect for training rewards or quick snacks, and Lamb Airy BARK comes in scrumptious slabs that you can break to ANY size your dogs like. This makes BARK a high-protein, low-carb healthy alternative to high carb "biscuits" loaded with grain!

What's SuperFood Dry Rub? It's an AIR DRIED blend of flaxseed for omegas, plus tomato, carrot, and spinach, sources of healthy plant-based phytonutrients. These ingredients all are cited in studies as immune system boosters for better overall health! But your dogs only know that SDR adds special smells and taste that make Airy treats much more intriguing to dogs than plain lamb lung treats! Try the Airy Duo Deal and LET YOUR DOG DECIDE!

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